The ROADD (Reduce Our Adolescent Drinking/Drugging & Driving) Program
Educating young people of driving age about the dangers of drinking/drugging and driving is a top priority for SAS. The goal of the program is to reduce the number of substance abuse related driving crashes, violations and deaths. The 6-8 week classroom sessions, led by a ROADD educator, are designed to supplement the health and driver education curriculum offered by each school. Class topics include: DWI laws and the results of an arrest;  other drugs and their impact on driving; and special concerns for inexperienced drivers.  The ROADD program operates in demographically diverse public 
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and private high schools around the county.  Funding comes from the fines of convicted drivers through the Westchester Stop-DWI program.

The ROADD Program is offered at no cost to participating schools.  Call for more information.

The statistics on alcohol, marijuana and other drug impaired driving crashes are startling. The ROADD program work closely with other SAS programs to educate parents about their role in keeping youth safe. One collaborative effort has been the Youth to Youth movement which brings together alcohol and drug free teens to share ideas and provide support. ROADD also partners with the Westchester Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Free Youth. Together, they have created some excellent Public Service Announcement with strong prevention messages

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